I used to absolutely hate running. Hated it when I was younger and kept hating it until recently. My main motivation to get more into running is that I think 5Ks are fun (better when they don’t take forever) and I really want to start doing triathlons. So I’ve really been trying to train in running for the last month. Before I could barely run for a continuous mile and always wanted to stop as soon as I started. As soon as I realized that it was my mind rather than my body that was keeping me from going further my running improved exponentially. I went from barely being able to run a mile to running over 4.5 miles in less than 2 weeks. Now this may not seem like a lot to most people but for me this is huge. I’m feeling so much better about running and really feel like I can push myself. Can’t believe it took me so long to get out of my own head and just go but I’m happy that I finally did

These are the kind of numbers I like to see


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