Sister Date

I will freely admit that I can be a bad sister. I’ll even more willingly say that I can be at times be the best sister EVER. In an attempt to tip the scales in favor of me being amazing I’ve decided that I want to start having monthly sister days with my little sister. The fact that there’s almost 10 years between and that we are both absolutely crazy can sometimes lead to us not getting along. Regardless, I absolutely love her and I would only trade her for another sister if I found a really spectacular one. For our first sister date we went shopping, ate amazing cheesecake and went to see The Lorax. It was a great day and I’m definitely looking forward to another sister date next month

There are so many things that I would buy and wear just to embarrass my sister

Cheesecake Factory! Love this place

The Lorax in 3D

Girls really do just want to have fun

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