I got this little sucker the last day I stopped by the CMU campus when I was there in January. In the three years that I went to school there and the two weeks of my practicum I had avoided getting a ticket. The very last day I went to stop by the TLC and managed to get a ticket within 5 minutes of parking. Ah, I guess I couldn’t get away from those stupid parking rules forever. I wasn’t going to pay the ticket, but my guilty conscience has gotten the best of me, so I guess it’s time to pay up



Designer Shoe Warehouse aka DSW is one of my favorite stores EVER. It’s literally a warehouse full of shoes! I could spend hours in this store, there’s just so many shoes to look at and try on it’s incredible. Boots, sandals, and my favorite…heels. Since even the huge store itself doesn’t contain quite enough shoes for me I had been looking on the DSW website and found a couple pairs of shoes that I absolutely could not live without.

I loved these shoes because they’re so sparkly and with a 5 3/4 inch stiletto heel I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear them with, but now I’ve got a plan in mind for these babies

These shoes looked so adorable and fun! They look just like spring to me and I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can warm them all the time

Urban Decay

I wanted to title this post “Naked” but I thought that might be slightly misleading, especially following a post titled VD…anyway I just want to point out how amazing Urban Decay is. I love pretty much all of their products but my favorite by far is the Naked palette. I had gotten the original Naked palette this summer and I use it pretty much every day. The colors are great and can either be super simple and easy when I’m in a hurry or can be combined for a smoky look. I got the Naked 2 palette a few weeks ago. The shades look amazing but I’m so attached to the original that I haven’t made the leap to the new edition. I think it’s going to be time to try some new combos soon though


(I know this post is a little late, but at least I got to it eventually) VD…as in Valentines Day I mean, not venereal disease, even though sometimes it’s seems almost as gross. Haha it’s really not that bad but after being single for so long it’s the sort I day that I would rather not think about. I seem to have a chronic case of singleness; probably a good thing right now, I barely have time for myself, let alone someone else. Fortunately I have a fanastic family that I love and it seems that they must like me a little bit too 🙂

Candy and an AWESOME salad container from my parents (had totally been wanting a salad and I took a delicious one with me to school that day)

The adorable handmade card and bookmark that my sister made me


On way home from Colorado my Jeep made it past the 200,000 mile mark. Still running great for such an old Jeep and I’m so proud! After driving close to 3,000 miles in the last 5 weeks or so I was overdue for an oil change. Since it was so nice out yesterday I skipped my workout to change the oil (the choices I have to make when I have no time…) First time doing everything by myself, I swear I did it all myself last time too but it was a lot harder without my dad on hand to help.  I’m at least 80% sure that I did everything right, so that’s good right?. Took me a little longer to get the oil filter off this time and had to stand on my car just to reach it, but it worked eventually. I also managed to get ridiculously dirty (how did I get grease on my shoulder?) and I may have burned my arm but ultimately it was a success

Out in the desert, such a good Jeep… 🙂

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