So to follow up with the fact that it’s down to the last 3 weeks of class the main thing I need to do now is focus. I’ve had none of this for a while which means I spend most of the time in class on Pinterest, Facebook, or just completely spaced out. I can’t make any guarantees that I won’t still end up completely lost, but starting today I’m going to try my best to not use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest at all until after my tests on December 16th. The key point here is TRY; I’ve tried a couple times  in the past few weeks to stay off of facebook for a day and I’ve failled miserably, it’s really quite pathetic how much time I spend on these sites. So instead of spending so much time screwing around on my laptop until my eyes hurt from staring at the screen I’m going to try to spend this time instead studying or working out. I may actually work out more if my only other option is studying because studying is possibly the only thing I hate more than the gym.  The only other thing I really want to be able to spend some time on each day is this blog. Just putting things down in words seems to organize and solidfy my thoughts, so hopefully this will benefit my attempt at focusing on the important things. My blog automatically updates to facebook and twitter so I’m saying that totally doesn’t  count against me. Time to see if this turns out well or turns into a complete failure, never know until you try right?


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