3 More Weeks

3 more weeks, 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks…This is what I keep reminding myself of. I’ve survived my first block (it’s a semester but they just had to make it different somehow) of grad school and now we only have 3 weeks left until winter break. Of course the last 3 weeks is filled with  7 tests, a few projects, and a presentation but since it’s going to be that busy it should go by quickly. Hopefully just not so fast that I completely lose my head (and everything else for that matter). But the perfect prep for these last 3 weeks of school was Thanksgiving break. This is the first day off we’ve had since Labor Day so it was great to finally have some time off to relax and not stress. Donny and Tabitha also came to visit for a week and it was great to see them and hang out. And since it was Thanksgiving and my dad’s birthday and since we went out to show Donny and Tabitha a little bit of Des Moines and all of this involved eating…well let’s just say I really need to get friendly with the gym again. And while I did love the chance to relax I’m sort of ready to get back into things and just finish it off. I felt like I got too lazy this week and then I just feel so…blah. Now I need to get motivated to finish my LAST  3 WEEKS. It’s soooooooo close!

Some pictures from break

I LOVE frozen yogurt and Menchies was amazing. Red velvet and cake batter, plus like everything else cause I go a little crazy…YUM

I totally stole the next 2 pictures from Tabitha

Rock climbing with the fam



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