Out of shape

After Thanksgiving there are probably a lot of people thinking “wow, I really need to hit the gym” and I am definitely one of those people. Now that it’s cold out running outside isn’t so fun anymore so it’s time to try to get back into the gym. I had every intention of waking up at 5am today to get to the gym at 6. Instead my alarm went off at 5 and I thought “ugh…not gonna happen” and rolled over. I did do a couple of the classes over lunch today, To the Core and Bosu. Both were great workouts and a good way to spend an hour between classes. Also went rock climbing again tonight which is great motivation to get stronger cause I won’t get anywhere if I have zero upper body strength, it’s gonna take a while to get back to how I used to climb though. Saturday I had started working on a climb that really shouldn’t be that hard cause it’s only a V1. I could do everything but the last move, so I spent close to an hour tonight working ONE MOVE. It was driving me crazy because I could not figure out how to do it. Finally after me and my dad both trying about a million different things my dad finally had and idea and it worked perfectly! Finally made the last move, the only problem was that by that time I was too worn out and kept falling off easier parts of the climb and couldn’t put the whole thing together. It’s gonna happen next time though. Plus I’ve now made it two whole days sans facebook/twitter! (My automatic blog updates don’t count, really) And I really do feel like I’ve been more focused to study, mostly because now I have no easy distractions. 13 days of class and 7 tests to go!



So to follow up with the fact that it’s down to the last 3 weeks of class the main thing I need to do now is focus. I’ve had none of this for a while which means I spend most of the time in class on Pinterest, Facebook, or just completely spaced out. I can’t make any guarantees that I won’t still end up completely lost, but starting today I’m going to try my best to not use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest at all until after my tests on December 16th. The key point here is TRY; I’ve tried a couple times  in the past few weeks to stay off of facebook for a day and I’ve failled miserably, it’s really quite pathetic how much time I spend on these sites. So instead of spending so much time screwing around on my laptop until my eyes hurt from staring at the screen I’m going to try to spend this time instead studying or working out. I may actually work out more if my only other option is studying because studying is possibly the only thing I hate more than the gym.  The only other thing I really want to be able to spend some time on each day is this blog. Just putting things down in words seems to organize and solidfy my thoughts, so hopefully this will benefit my attempt at focusing on the important things. My blog automatically updates to facebook and twitter so I’m saying that totally doesn’t  count against me. Time to see if this turns out well or turns into a complete failure, never know until you try right?

3 More Weeks

3 more weeks, 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks…This is what I keep reminding myself of. I’ve survived my first block (it’s a semester but they just had to make it different somehow) of grad school and now we only have 3 weeks left until winter break. Of course the last 3 weeks is filled with  7 tests, a few projects, and a presentation but since it’s going to be that busy it should go by quickly. Hopefully just not so fast that I completely lose my head (and everything else for that matter). But the perfect prep for these last 3 weeks of school was Thanksgiving break. This is the first day off we’ve had since Labor Day so it was great to finally have some time off to relax and not stress. Donny and Tabitha also came to visit for a week and it was great to see them and hang out. And since it was Thanksgiving and my dad’s birthday and since we went out to show Donny and Tabitha a little bit of Des Moines and all of this involved eating…well let’s just say I really need to get friendly with the gym again. And while I did love the chance to relax I’m sort of ready to get back into things and just finish it off. I felt like I got too lazy this week and then I just feel so…blah. Now I need to get motivated to finish my LAST  3 WEEKS. It’s soooooooo close!

Some pictures from break

I LOVE frozen yogurt and Menchies was amazing. Red velvet and cake batter, plus like everything else cause I go a little crazy…YUM

I totally stole the next 2 pictures from Tabitha

Rock climbing with the fam