Basically this website is amazing and incredibly addictive. The basics are that once you’re signed up you create “boards” with different titles/categories and then you can “pin” different things to them. You pin pictures to your boards and then when you go to the picture it will take you back to the original website that the pin came from. This might sound confusing and weird if you haven’t used it but it’s soo cool once you get into it. It reminds me a lot of stumbleupon but I think with a much more fun design. Search whatever sites you want and create your own pins or look through other peoples boards for inspiration. You can follow your friends boards or find other people with interesting boards and repin from there. It’s a great place to find new recipes, style, decorating, and craft ideas. What’s so great about it is that you just look by picture (sometimes with a short description), it’s so much easier to find things you might be interested in when you have pictures there to catch your eye. The one bad part of Pinterest is that every time I use it I feel guilty because I really probably should be studying instead. To solve this I just started using it during class, problem solved right?

Here’s a peek at my Pinterest boards

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