School, school, school

I feel like school is pretty much my whole life lately and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be like that for a while. I’m either in class, studying, or doing nothing and feeling bad that I’m not studying. Pretty much school never really gets out of my head which definitely isn’t fun but I guess it’s what you sign up for when you go to grad school. So far I’ve at least survived all of my tests and have only failed one. That first anatomy test was not very nice to me so it’s definitely a good thing that we have a lot of other tests that contribute to that class. Besides anatomy all of the tests haven’t been too bad and I think I’ve only had a near break down once so far in the last two months. so all things considered I guess things aren’t too bad. WordPress is so smart with their automatic saves, totally would have lost this and I would have been way too lazy for another attempt. Thankfully we’re about halfway through this semester and I’m already so looking forward to it being over. We just took a neuroanatomy test yesterday and now we’ve got about two weeks before we have another test, which is kinda great to have a little bit of a break. Sadly I definitely still need to be studying a lot because once we start back with tests we have two tests in a week, immediately followed by our next anatomy tests and then at least one test per week until the end of the semester…yeah it’s gonna fun. That’s all I’ve got for now because my life and school (which are basically the same thing) really aren’t too interesting right now. But since I’ve got some downtime today I’m going to try to proactively type up a few posts so I won’t be so lame with the whole never updating thing


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