Om nom nom…Coffee cake muffins

So people always say that cooking is an art and baking is a science; meaning that you can pretty much go crazy and do whatever you want when you’re cooking (which is definitely true for me, I do what I want!) but you have to follow the recipe to the letter when you bake. I think this scares some people away from baking, thinking they’ll make a mistake and the deliciousness will be ruined. Totally not true; I immediately started screwing up this recipe and ignoring directions. You can can change or skip a few things and still be just fine, it’s not that complicated, anyone can do it, for realsies. Ya know that thing about people only using 10% of their brain? Well first of all that’s completely ridiculous and untrue…for most people, I’m almost positive this is true about me, sometimes I have no idea how I function on such a low level of mental capacity. Seriously, I spelled coffee wrong when I started this (and I just had to type “spelled” like 8 times to get it right…) Even at such a low level I still someone manage to be pretty successful with baked goods, I mean not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty incredible at it. Anyway, now that we’ve established that you don’t need to be a genius to bake (you really actually don’t even have to be that coherent. Obviously) let’s get to the baked tastiness of the day. Most people talk about cafeteria food in high school like it’s the epitome of awful. I don’t even care how nerdy this sounds, I actually kind of loved some of the food we had at Snider (chicken sandwiches anyone?), I still want to know where I can find some of those animal crackers because they were the best thing ever. Coffee cake was one of the things that they would make every once in a while (ok fine, at least once a month, it was a rotating schedule, I’m pretty sure they just renamed things randomly to try and fool us, or I just didn’t pay attention, whatever). The point is that it was tasty coffee cake but I’ve never made it myself and was never that motivated to. Until a few months ago when I had a coffee cake muffin at some hotel when I was in North Carolina interviewing at Duke and it reminded me how much I love it. So I finally started looking online for a recipe and found one here. I finally got around to making them today cause I’m lazy and didn’t feel like studying. This is the longest intro to a recipe ever but I think I’m done now. Here’s everything you need to make these amazing muffins (I don’t actually put everything out like that, I made it pretty just for this)

I made the streusel topping (what the heck is streusel?!) first cause it’s supposed to be refrigerated for 30 minutes first. Here’s where a made my first mistake and it’s something I do every single time I bake. The butter is supposed to be at room temperature so it’s soft, I never actually remembered to do this ahead of time so I always have to put it it the microwave. You know how easy it is to get the butter at the right consistency by microwaving it? It’s basically impossible. I also totally wasn’t paying attention and put too much butter in, oops, didn’t really seem to make a difference though. I also just did everything in the mixer, I love that thing. 

OMG this is so much butter (and that’s only half of it! Looks kinda gross…)

This is the finished streusel, popped this is the refrigerator while I made the muffins

Part of the muffin mix (flour, baking soda, and baking powder)

The sugar and butter in the mixer

Way slimier after adding the eggs

Added the flour mixture and sour cream, light and fluffy batter now

I like to get handsy when I bake (I wash my hands, I promise)

Pans are set, and no the oven is not already heated to 350. I know preheating the oven is always one of the first steps but it’s always the step I always ignore

Batter in the muffin cups, now to add the streusel topping

Pack down some of the topping so it sticks into the muffin (I think I need to do this part a little more carefully next time)

Sprinkle on the leftover topping so it’s crumbly on top, I’m obviously a little bit messy with it

The topping should be up over the top of the pan, there’s a lot of crumblies on top

I kinda hate to show how unpretty the muffins look here but if this happens to yours then you’ll know it’s normal. I think if I had flattened out the batter when I poured it in and level off the topping it would have stayed on top better

Mixing up the icing is super easy. I used the icing to cover up the topping imperfections a little bit (I’m pretty sure this is half the reason for icing/frosting)

All done!

Soo yummy! They’re nice and soft with a great crumble on top, perfect combo

So these muffins turned out pretty great, not as pretty as the picture here but they tasted amazing! I’m sure I’ll make these again with a few adjustments, taste is great, just working on making them prettier out of the oven. I want to try putting some of the streusel in the bottom of the muffin cup too for a little bit extra. Totally worth making and they’re going to be perfect for the morning.

I think everything is better with music, I’ve been using Spotify a lot lately (cause it’s amazing) and here are couple of my favorite songs and some of bands that I was listening to today


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