Wait so where are you from…?

This has been happening for a while, but now that I’ve moved AGAIN it’s getting even more confusing to tell people where I’m from. So here it is; I’m originally from Royal Oak, Michigan, both sides of my family are from Michigan and pretty much my whole extended family still lives there. Royal Oak is a suburb of Detroit, so if I want to pretend that I’m a gangster I say I’m from Detroit, which is mostly true. Some of my family lives in Grass Lake, actually some from both sides of the family. I’ve also got family around Ann Arbor (one of my favorite cities, if the U of M had their PT at their main campus that’s where I would have gone to school) and Lansing. They’re in other places though but I can’t keep track and I don’t go back very often. We lived in Michigan till I was almost 9, my birthday was actually a month after we moved to Grand Junction, Colorado. I LOVE Colorado, but who doesn’t? GJ is a pretty small town and having lived there for quite a while I have no problem saying that it’s not always the classiest place but it’s still got some amazing things going for it. The mountains are beautiful, you can do just about any outdoorsy thing you could imagine, and some of the best people ever are there (at least in my opinion). I went to Grand Junction High School my freshmen year and right after that moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Oh wow…what do I even say about Indiana? Um, it’s flat there? Hahaha, I really can’t say that I liked Indiana that much, probably my least favorite place that I’ve lived but I definitely had some amazing friends there and wish I got to see them more, they’re the only reason I think about going back and maybe I’ll actually make that trip sometime soon. Ft. Wayne really did have some interesting things. I got my first job there when I was 16 at Icing in the mall. It was a pretty cool place to work for a couple years and I actually kinda miss that mall (I love shopping so much that I actually get attached to malls, oh man…). I went to Snider High School, I can’t say that high school was my favorite time, but Snider really wasn’t too bad and there were some pretty rad people there. Right after graduation (seriously RIGHT after, like a week) I was moving again. So this is where it gets even more confusing. From Indiana I moved back to Colorado to go to school at Mesa State College. At the same time my parents and my sister were moving to Cedar Falls, Iowa. My dad had actually moved to CF a few months earlier because he had started working at John Deere but me, my mom, and Anna stayed till I was done with school. So I stayed with them at their new house for a couple days then I was headed off back to Junction. I lived with the Fenskes for two years; they’re my other family, this also gets confusing, Steve and Roberta are the parents of Tabitha and Treyce. Tabitha is my sister-in-law, married to my brother Donny, who live in Boulder, Colorado now. So they’re kinda legally family and our families are super close, so basically it just makes sense…well to me at least. Seriously these people are so amazing, you have no idea. Eventually I decided to try to be a real adult and move into my own place. I somehow managed to find one of the cheapest apartments in town without being in the sketchiest place ever, it was actually pretty fantastic and I had 2 great roommates. 1 at a time, Sarah was there for a few months until she graduated and went home to Wyoming and then Josh moved in and then eventually took over the lease from me. Seriously 2 of my favorite people, they’re fantastic (and they both cook, the best kind of roommates to have). My real adulthood was short lived though because after graduating from Mesa State (oh yeah let me make something else confusing, Mesa State College changed it’s name this spring to Colorado Mesa University. I promise I went to a real school that actually exists) I moved to Ankeny, Iowa and moved back in with my parents. Wait a second, last I said that my parents were living in Cedar Falls, how did I move in with them in Ankeny? Well, right after I got accepted at DMU in February my dad had an interview and got offered a promotion within John Deere that was in Ankeny. He took the job and started commuting to Ankeny from Cedar Falls. They looked for a house for a while, found one, and then waited to close on it till June. So I moved from Junction 2 weeks after graduation (I really don’t stick around long do I?) and moved to my parents house in Cedar Falls for 2 weeks until they closed on their new house in Ankeny. Then we all moved to Ankeny at the same time. So that’s how I got to where I am now. I’ll make it even more confusing in a few years when I finish at DMU and move again (how long after graduation do you think I’ll stay then?) hopefully back to Colorado…again (3rd times a charm right?). So this is the whole story but I usually just tell people I’m from Colorado because that’s the place that really feels like home to me. If I’m feeling feisty I’ll mention “originally from Michigan” but anything more than that is just confusing for such a simple question. I’ve got friends/family in all the places I’ve lived that I love so much and miss all the time, even though I don’t get to see them that much they’re always on my mind. I hope you all know how special and important you all are to me!


One thought on “Wait so where are you from…?

  1. Nicely put. Now, you should just print this off in the masses and if anyone asks you can say, “Um, just a sec.” Hand them the paper, smile and say, It’ll be easier this way, trust me.”

    We miss you too!! :0)

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