2 weeks

Uh so I haven’t been doing so great keeping up on posting. I’ve been getting a lot busier with school and my energy/motivation has gone down hill. I’m gonna try and recap what I’ve been doing but I can barely even remember so we’ll see how this goes. I’ve been trying to keep up with working out every week but it definitely gets hard when all I want to do is sleep! I have been doing pretty good making it to the gym around 6-6:30am a few days a week to work out before class. Sometimes it works out the right way and wakes me up for class, other days my 5:30 wake up results in me trying not to fall asleep in class. Yoga at Climb Iowa and yoga in the park is still amazing, it helps that I don’t do yoga super early in the morning too, even though that makes me sleepy too…basically I just really love sleeping. School is going pretty well too, made it through my first 2 tests and started anatomy lab this week.(this is what grad school does to you…)Definitely gonna be hard to try to stay on top of everything but I actually think anatomy makes it more interesting. Anatomy lab is going pretty great too, it was a little weird at first but so cool once we started to get into everything. No book will ever live up to actually getting to see inside a body and seeing and feeling all the different structures and muscles, it’s so amazing. Last weekend we also had out white coat ceremony.

(haha lovely right? Mom, dad, and Anna all started taking pictures at once without me having any idea what was going on…)I really didn’t think it was gonna be that big of a deal but it was actually really cool and it was fun to show my family around campus and tell them more about what goes on at DMU. Um… I honestly can’t even think, there was probably some other stuff too but I’m drawing a blank. I always say this but I’ll try to keep up more with blogging to actually remember what’s going on, hopefully some more interesting posts to come, possibly including some how-tos and videos.


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