12 Hour Days

I’m counting this as my first official 12 hour day of the school year. Not all of it was actually spent on campus, but I’m still counting it. I left my house at 7:30am and got home at 8pm (yes I can do math and know that’s actually 12.5 hours). Class from 8-12, fun lunch with the 2013 class, sitting around waiting for class, ridiculous CPR simulations from 2 to 3:30 (seriously, that is possibly the worst system ever, I don’t want to save that dummy anymore, I want to throw it through a window), then signing up for some clubs and printing way too much stuff before heading to the climbing gym. I had enough time before yoga started to climb around a little bit, just long enough to remember what terrible climbing shape I’m in. That should soon be remedied by the crazy workouts we’ve been doing in yoga! Lots of fun poses and trying some new more daring moves. Today we did another way to get into a hand stand; soo scary but really cool once you’re in it. As long as I keep making the time in my schedule for the gym, yoga, and rock climbing on top of all the school and studying I think I’ll be able to keep my craziness in check. I think long days are just my thing, I actually feel like I’m accomplishing something and I actually get things done this way. I spent all last spring with long days on campus and I don’t think that trend is about to end anytime soon…


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