Last Day of Summer!

So I definitely meant to post this last week, but obviously it didn’t happen (*um so I actually wrote this on Saturday at work but didn’t have the pictures up yet, just now getting around to this, oops). I think I have a legitimate excuse though since I started grad school last Monday (that post will possibly be up tomorrow and I’ll hopefully get back on a better schedule). This was quite possibly my last real summer off, which is a little sad. In the DPT program we only get 2 weeks off for the summer and I’m pretty sure physical therapists don’t get summer vacation…this is a little bit of a sad realization but I guess real life has to start sometime. For my last day of summer I got to hang out with my mom for the day; Anna was in Cedar Falls and my dad was in Salt Lake. Went to church in the morning and then stopped back by the house for lunch. Then we were off to the Blank Park Zoo. It’s not a very big zoo but there are animals there including RED PANDAS!

So I was pretty happy, even though we had to search around to find the indoor red panda exhibit. My other favorite there is the tiger, I just wanna cuddle with it. Later Sunday night it was still nice enough to go to the pool so we spent some time floating around the lazy river and hanging out by the poolside. It was a pretty lazy summer for me (it’s the last one, it didn’t need to be crazy busy like most have been) but there were definitely some interesting things too (moving twice, spending time at the pool, biking, floating the river, and going to concerts to name a few). Now I just have to try and get back into school mode before things get crazy…

Here are some more animals…

Oh and we found dinosaurs too


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