Warped Tour Part 2 (Council Bluffs, Iowa)

So I had orientation earlier this week but Warped was more interesting so that’s getting posted first. I’ll try for a post about DMU sometime next week; I’m starting classes on Monday so I might actually have something to talk about. Anyway, this was my second time at Warped this summer. It was just a 2 hour drive over to Council Bluffs for the concert. I picked up my ticket and hopped in line. As is always the case at Warped there were a bunch of guys out promoting their band and selling CDs. I usually listen when they offer, but I don’t usually care enough to spend $5 on the CD. Yesterday I was feeling generous though and got a CD from Pop! Fiction, they’re pretty good and you gotta give them credit for the work they put in promoting their band. I got inside and checked out the schedule, it was only 11:30 and the first band I wanted to see wasn’t playing till 2:30. Since I had some time to kill I figured out my schedule for the day, wandered around to find the stages, and sat on the grass listening to Larry and His Flask. I had heard a snippet of their set when I was in Minnesota, enough to get me to see them this time around. I don’t even know how to describe this band, when I saw them all I could think was “what backwoods, hillbilly town did they even find these guys in?!” Then you watch them play and it’s soo amazing. They were so much fun to see/hear; I don’t know that I would just listen to their music but live they are incredible and really unique for Warped. Afterwards I listened to Winds of Plague play for a while and then went and sat in the grass again and sorta half listened to Less Than Jake. This was definitely a lazy day for me; usually I’m right in the crowd at Warped but I spent a lot of the day sitting on the hill by the main stage, it was just too convenient that I could see the stage perfectly from the grass. At 2 I went and watched August Burns Red and they played a great set. Next The Ready Set was up and I was headed to the AP stage. There was a pretty big crowd and it was fun to be around. The most enthusiastic person in the crowd by far was a woman that looked to be at least 60 years old. She knew all the words and was so into it, totally made me smile. After listening to 30 minutes of pop music it was back to metal. I was back to the grass at the main stage to watch The Devil Wears Prada, they were pretty good and were more hardcore than most others. I went to the Advent stage to listen to The Word Alive for a while too and they were great. I’m also a little bit jealous of the lead singers hair for some reason…Then it was back to the main stage to Attack Attack, once again they were amazing, they’re just so much fun to see. They finished up in time for me to catch There for Tomorrow before heading over for Relient K. A Day to Remember was back at the main stage. I love the songs in their set! “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle” is possibly their best song to hear live, “All I Want” and “Have Faith in Me” are also amazing. It had started raining a little bit while ADTR was playing but light enough to ignore. I was about to go check out Of Mice and Men when it started pouring down rain! I stayed out in it for a while and then decided to wait it out in my car. I was soaked by the time I was there, good there I brought a backup shirt! The rain lasted 20 or 30 minutes and then I went back out to catch Every Avenue. I had totally forgotten about them in Shakopee so I was happy I got to see at least part of their set this time around. Conveniently D.R.U.G.S was playing the stage right next to them so just a few steps and I was ready. D.R.U.G.S was definitely my Warped favorite this year, they’re so much fun! After that again it was convenient that Family Force 5 was playing right next to them. I haven’t listened to/seen them in a few years and I was pretty surprised by how much fun they were. I stayed for a few songs and then went to finish the night with We Came as Romans. Even though they were one of the last bands to play they still had great energy on stage. I was happy to actually see them this time because in Shakopee I was way tired and just listened from the back. Finally it was time to drive home which actually wasn’t too bad because this is the only time ever that I haven’t been crazy tired leaving Warped, that grass was just way too inviting…*no pictures from the last few bands because I didn’t want to take my backpack and didn’t want my phone getting wet 😦


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