So one of the great things about Des Moines is that it’s a city that’s big enough to actually have good bands playing around the city. Last night I went downtown to People’s Court. It’s a pretty plain venue but it’s cool that it’s got a cool kind of trendy, hole-in-the-wall vibe going for it. It’s on the 3rd floor of the walk up with different bars on the floors below that looked pretty cool. The reason I was there though was 3oh!3.I was confused for minute when I saw their keyboard player  walk out because I recognized him  from another band, Innerpartysystem, they’re good but playing with 3oh!3 is definitely better (it also bumps them up a few points on the “hot guys in the band” scale). I’ve seen them a couple times before (even though it got cut short their set on Warped in Denver a couple years ago was probably the most fun show I’ve been to, pouring rain and hail made it interesting…) and I love this band so when I heard they were in town I definitely had to check it out. I’ll admit this place has the potential to be a lot of fun, fell a little short since I was by myself. But once 3oh!3 finally got on stage (I got there at 6:40, DJ started at 7, The Secret Handshake around 8, and 3oh3 finally at 9, really?? I’m too lazy for that…) it was a blast. They’ve got a ton of energy and were relaxed and chatty (someone sent up shots that they did on stage). They totally just have fun on stage and their dance moves are pretty fabulous (omg).They also did part of an Usher song, um, amazing much? This was a cool show because this is the smallest crowd I’ve seen them with so a change in atmosphere was nice. I love seeing them play, probably one of my favorites to see, hopefully I can catch them again sometime. I’ll definitely be checking out the music scene around here more. 

“Ground it and pound it” Hahaha


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