My room!

So I almost forgot to do this post, I procrastinated thinking “oh yeah I’ll totally remember to do that after the concert…” I guess I did remember but barely. Good thing I was planning on this being mostly pictures anyway cause I’m too lazy to try and think of anything witty to say. Sorry the pictures aren’t great, currently my most high-tech camera is my phone and the light in here was terrible. So here it is:my room

This is the wall the took most of the time painting, but I think it turned out pretty great. I still want to find some black and white prints to hang in the grey box

Green walls! (I said the light was bad right?)

Here’s my bed, I think I’m trying too hard to make it look pretty. 90% of the time when I make my bed I end up sitting on the very edge to not mess up the pillows, silly…

This is my sort of random wall but I really like it. I got the wall clings and a couple of my whiteboards from Roberta (thanks!), now I’m using them for art/organization. I’ve also got my snowboard hung up on the wall; that thing is beautiful and I spent enough on it for it to be a piece of art. It was super easy to put up with the sweet hangers I got.

And here’s my closet (couldn’t get a good picture), this closet is amazing! It actually fits my ridiculous amount of clothes; it’s pretty incredible. The sad thing is that I actually have a step stool in there just so I can reach everything…
So that’s my room, I’ll be putting up pictures of some of the other rooms soon!


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