So I was up early (8am is early right?) again this morning to head to the gym with my mom. Had a great workout and then headed to relax enough the rest of the day to make up for any kind of physical exertion. First off was catching up on this weeks True Blood; OMG! If you’re not already watching this show it’s time to start. Be like me and buy the first three seasons, watch them ASAP and start watching the new episodes. I seriously can’t even contain myself when I watch this show, it’s that incredible. Besides that I just did some paint touch-up in my room, laundry, and went to the pool for a while (the lazy river is the best thing ever). The highlight of this post though is 411fit.com, I love this website. I had used it a while ago because of some thing that the rec center at Mesa (CMU?!) was doing and it’s actually a pretty cool site. There’s probably a bunch more features that you can use but what I really like about it are there pages for nutrition and exercise recording. If you’re trying to get on any kind of health/exercise program this website can be way helpful. It’s really helpful for calculating calories consumed and expended, though these are definitely not super accurate values. In the exercise section you choose time of day and whether your workout was strength or cardio. Then you can search what activity you did and put in the time; this will give you an estimate of how many calories you expended in your workout. To clarify this is an ESTIMATE, I really don’t know how accurate the values are so it should be used more as a guideline which is what I like it for. I’d say the same for the nutrition part as well although this can be easily made more accurate by inputting your own values. In the nutrition section you can search for foods/meals that are already in the system and it will list the calories. Or you can add your own nutrition labels is you want to be more precise (it’s also important to pay attention to serving size!). With both of these things you can set goals; how many days a week you want to exercise, weight goals, and what type and amount of calories you want to be eating. Once you get used to navigating the website it makes it easy to check up on how your doing and gives you an idea of areas you are doing well in or where you may need improvement. Plus when you get in the habit of using it you like seeing it give you good grades more often than bad ones…Now here’s a preview of tomorrows post


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