Today we went downtown the Science Center to check out Body Worlds Vital today. I’d first heard of the Body Worlds exhibits a few years back and their was even an installation in Denver last summer but I hadn’t gotten to check out any of the exhibits until now. There’s multiple exhibitions that travel around the country and the world and fortunately for me one of them is spending a few months in Des Moines. The exhibits have always been somewhat controversial and due to the fact that you are looking at plastinated dead bodies it seems like it might be kind of eerie. It actually wasn’t at all though, it was so amazing! It almost doesn’t even seem like they’re real bodies because it’s not how your used to seeing them. Seeing all the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves laid out is great. Some of the bodies we saw were dancers, acrobats, and a runner. I’ve taken a lot of anatomy and it was still so much different to get to see the bodies this way. They also had separate organs that showed either health or disease; normal vs smokers lungs (gross!), enlarged hearts, and even slices of a normal weight person vs an overweight one (it’s scary). One of the coolest things were the plastinated blood vessel systems from hearts, a foot, and an arm. The arm held it’s shape just from all the veins, arteries, and capillaries that had been plasticized (that really doesn’t make sense unless you’ve seen it). It was definitely an amazing thing to see and something that everyone should see if they get a chance!


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