So I finally worked out the way I’ve been wanting to this week. Went to the DMU gym with my mom Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We went to yoga and climbed on Tuesday and Thursday and I finally finished the evil green route! Got to the gym early on Thursday just so I could do that route before yoga. After getting to the last move and even grabbing the top a couple times I finally finished it! I felt and probably looked kind of ridiculous rolling over the top (since it’s a top out boulder) but I didn’t care too much since I’d finished it! I did mange to beat myself up a bit more first though. Also helped mom start unpacking the basement this week too. Nothing like that to make me realize my parents are hoarders (it’s ridiculous) but it’s getting there and getting organized. After that there’s just a few more small things to do and then the house should be all set up and I’ll finally put up pictures! So far this weekend I’ve been totally lazy. I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies yesterday (that’s like 9 hours…OMG) I felt like a total nerd but laying on the couch all day was kinda nice since it’s getting close to the end of summer, I’m gonna enjoy it while I can. After being ridiculously hot all week it rained all morning today. Because of the rain there was no yoga in the park for me this morning. Instead I watched the last few stages of the Tour de France. It was fun to watch, those guys are crazy! Can’t believe Evans won though, I was rooting for the Schleck brothers; still a fun race to watch. This is my last real week of summer before orientation and then starting school so hopefully I’ll find some fun things to do and finish up any projects before things get crazy again! And here’s a new song from Attack Attack that I love! It’s from their deluxe reissue of their last album. It’s a different sound, but actually one of my favorite songs from them


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