A little bit of everything

Yesterday me and my mom went over to DMU and got her set up with a pass so that she can use the indoor track there (apparently it’s not fun to run when it’s 80 degrees and 100% humidity…? Weird). Went and worked out for a while and then I went to check out the bookstore. Talked to the people working there for a while  and they were super nice. Also caught up on this weeks episode of True Blood, OMG! This show just keeps getting better. Today we went out to DSW and looked around at all the fantastic shoes, that is definitely one of my favorite stores. They were just putting out all the new boots for fall and I saw some shoes that I barely resisted buying (I love Steve Madden!). Then we stopped by Jordan Creek and shopped around for a while. My favorite thing for the day was all the feather accessories, I’ve been seeing these every where, beaded in your hair, feathered headbands, necklaces, and some amazing feather earrings. I think I’m gonna need to hop on that style bandwagon pretty soon…After stopping at Fareway on the way home I decided I needed to bake something. I somehow also got nominated to make dinner. I stumbled upon this recipe a few days ago and it sounded super tasty so I decided to make this chocolate peanut butter bars. I think they turned out great and they’re super yummy. For dinner I made some lemon chicken pasta. I’m never too strict in my cooking and I hadn’t made it in a while, so this was pretty easy and was mostly me just tossing a bunch of stuff into a wok until it seemed right (pretty sure that’s the best way to cook). (It looks much less appealing in this picture, it was delicious) After dinner we headed over to the climbing gym for yoga. Had another great session in there and then did a bit of climbing. I can feel the fact that I haven’t climbed much for the last few years. It takes like 5 minutes before my hands and arms are totally burned out. Played around a a couple easy routes and then went back to my arch enemy: the green route. I tried this the first time I was there a couple weeks ago and worked out all but the last move. Since I hadn’t done it for 2 weeks the whole route felt awkward the first few times through. I finally started to lock down the moves again though and I was back to the last move. I was thisclose to getting it but my short arms made it difficult and I was burned out again and it just wasn’t happening. I’m determined to finish it next time though, just have to get a solid start. I’m so happy to be climbing again and psyched to be back in the gym!







One thought on “A little bit of everything

  1. Love the shoes….especially those pink ones. If The Wizard of Oz was remade for the 21 Century…Dorothy would definitely would be wearing those bad boys! Probably would be a Rated R version. LOL

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