It’s a start

I’ve been saying forever that I want to start working out again and really get in shape. Seriously, I’ve been telling myself this for months thinking “I’m really gonna do it this time,” hasn’t been going too great for a while, but last week I finally took a few baby steps into working out. I had been talking to an instructor at Kosama about becoming an instructor so I went by for a couple days to check out a couple of the classes. I am totally not in shape for teaching classes like that right now! On Wednesday I did an hour long kickboxing class and then an hour long crazy cardio circuit on Thursday. Those were some great, intense workouts! But I definitely need to build my way up to those, I was so sore for the rest of the week! I also did a few days of yoga last week. We just got our membership to the climbing gym nearby which also has a small yoga class three days a week. The instructor there is really cool and it’s only a few people (Thursday it was just me, mom, and Anna, so we got to try out some fun poses). So I went to that class a couple times and then went to yoga in the park again on Saturday. This weeks instructor was good and I felt way better afterwards and most of my stiffness was gone. At 9 in the morning it was probably around 80 degrees my guess is that it was about a million percent humidity. I felt so gross and sweaty as soon as we started! I’m not sure if it was the yoga itself or if the temperature and humidity really did help but my muscles were much more relaxed after an hour in the park. Planning on heading out to DMU soon to check out the gym and try to get some kind of workout in. Any bets on how long I’ll actually keep this up? Hahahaha….we’ll see.


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