Warped Tour 2011! Shakopee, MN

So I drove up to Shakopee Minnesota on Sunday to go to Warped Tour. This is the third year that I’ve gone to Warped (2008, 2009, and 2011) and the 4th show that I’ve gone to (Denver in 2008 and 2009, Indianapolis in 2009, and now Shakopee and hopefully Council Bluffs in August). Warped is my favorite concert to go to, you get to see a bunch of great bands, and it’s an amazing day even though I always leave feeling gross, dirty, sweaty, sore, stiff, and tired, I swear I am never more worn out than I always am after Warped. I didn’t go to Warped last year because I wasn’t really impressed with the line-up. This year I saw some of my favorite bands and heard a few new ones that I’m definitely interested in hearing more of. I started off the morning leaving at 7am and left my house at 8. Google said I had a 4 hour trip, since the gates opened at 11:30 I figured the first show would be at about 11:45 and was sure none of the bands I wanted to see would play that early. At about 11 I saw on twitter that Simple Plan was the band playing in that 11:45 slot. Good thing I was close cause this band was 90% of the reason I was driving to this show instead of waiting for the Iowa show (all the other bands are playing at that stop, but not SP). Fortunately my trip was about an hour less than I was expected. I walked the insanely long distance from my car, made is through the gates (sneaking my water in because the whole “empty container” rule is BS), and found the right stage just as Simple Plan started their set. So happy I finally got to see them. Stopped by their merch tent afterwards for a quick pic, and then I was off and working my way into the crowd at the main stage for Attack Attack. First time seeing them also and it was way fun. After that was D.R.U.G.S which was another show with great energy despite the heat and humidity. Not to mention the fact that lead singer Craig Owens is a major hottie and was shirtless halfway through the set. I had some time to kill before the next band I wanted to see so I alternated sitting in the grass and hanging out by the truck spraying super cold water everyone. It was soo hot and humid that this was one of the major highlights of the day. Also took the time to put more sunscreen on for the millionth time. After spending 9 hours in the sun I think I did pretty great to have only a slightly burned face and a burn on my neck where I apparently missed a spot. It was obvious that many others didn’t fare so well. Next I stopped by the Ernie Ball stage to see There for Tomorrow. Great band and it was a smaller stage with a smaller crowd, so it was nice to just kind of stand back and take a break after 2 crazy shows. Next up was Relient K, they were on the Nintendo DS stage so a smaller stage but with a main stage worthy crowd. Nothing new from them this time, but Matt Thiessen is always a blast to watch. I realized that the first time I saw Relient K was in 2001 (I still have the ticket somewhere!) when I had no idea who they were, this was at least the 5th time I’ve seen them and they’re still one of my all time favorite bands. Had another break so I wandered around and happened to walk by Black Veil Brides signing at their merch tent (this happened to be the band I was waiting to see). When I noticed them I realized they are all way more attractive then I was expecting. I did something in between staring them down and checking them out, sometimes those two things are pretty much the same for me. I still can’t decide how I feel about this band. Their music is actually really good and their show was way fun. But I’m not particularly fond of the whole Kiss get-up and the fact the I was surrounded by 15 year olds in that crowd, almost got crushed by a chubby fan girl, and was next to a girl that couldn’t contain her excitement and was also accompanied by her father…uh, I think I’m too old for that crowd, but given their good looks, great music, and fun show I’m gonna try to put in the effort to like them despite their crowd being similar to that of Justin Bieber just with all black instead of purple (oh wait, I’m a JB fan too, maybe that’s why I don’t seem to fit in…).  I left the BVB set a bit early to head back to the main stage for A Day to Remember, one of my favorite bands. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen them on Warped and I was pumped to hear them play some of the new stuff. They played a bunch of older songs too, the crowd and the entire show were high energy and lots of fun. Next was The Ready Set on the AP stage. One of the few pop bands that could make it on Warped tour. Possibly my favorite show of the day which shocked even me as there were some heavy hitters there that day. The set started with so much energy and great vibes that lasted throughout the show. Jordan was so energetic and it turns out also a pretty great drummer. The other great part about this crowd? It was the only one all day that I could be anywhere in the crowd and still see the stage, 13 year old girls are the only people that are actually shorter than me! Next I headed over to the Advent stage once again to listen to We Came as Romans. This is a band that I haven’t listened to much but like their sound. I was so tired though so I didn’t even try to get into that crowd and instead sat back on the grass and listened. Miss May I played after on the same stage and also sounded pretty great. At 8:15 I headed over to the last show of the day: Hellogoodbye. They were the only reason I hadn’t left right after The Ready Set. I was so wiped out but I’m happy I stayed to listen to a few of their songs. I listened to Hellogoodbye in high school and I was psyched when they played Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn, one of my favorites of theirs, and the new song they played sounded great too. Then I was time to head out and try to find my car and drive home. It was a long, crazy, exhausting day and I absolutely loved it!


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