I’m totally confused about this summer, most of the time I can’t even decide if I’ve been really busy or actually just totally lazy. Started out the summer with a bunch of moving. I graduated on May 12th and on May 21st I was already out of my apartment and in my parents house in Cedar Falls Iowa. Not much going on there cause I was kind of in a state of limbo for two weeks. Mostly watched a lot of Psych with my mom and my sister. On June 5th we moved into the new house in Ankeny (living in the ‘burbs of Des Moines). First few weeks here was a lot of boxes, unpacking, and painting. I’m mostly settled and most of the house is painted and unpacked (there will be pictures when it’s all done I promise). Once things weren’t so crazy I did my favorite things and went shopping. Des Moines is pretty big so there are some pretty great malls. I covered three malls over five straight hours of shopping in one day. I knew it was time to head home when I had a minor blackout at Valley West and couldn’t remember how I got down to the first floor again…uh, shopping overdose much? I hit Jordan Creek mall which is my favorite by far. It’s massive and just seemed to have a really good atmosphere. DSW is also nearby and there were a bunch of great restaurants in the area too. Next I want to Merle Hay mall, it has some pretty good stores, but not really a fun place to just wander around. It seemed even more sketch when I walked out to my car and saw some old guy leaning on it talking to a cracked out looking girl…weird. Last was Valley West Mall, also totally amazing, just didn’t vibe quite as good as Jordan Creek I guess. But there is a Panda Express there so mega bonus points for that. As soon as I found the great shopping there is I definitely started to like DM more. The city really has a lot of things going for it. Done a little bit of biking around on the massive amounts of paved trails that are around and looking forward to doing some more. We’ve also gone to the pool that’s like 5 minutes away a few times and it’s way fun, lazy rivers are the best! Over 4th of July weekend when the rest of the family was camping I went out to meet them and float down part of the Iowa river. Soo much fun! Two hours relaxing on the river and it was so nice out! One of my new favorite things is yoga in the park at Gray’s Lake. It’s every Saturday and I’ve gone the last 2 weeks. Last week was by far the most hippie yoga I’ve ever done including chanting and a gong… lot’s of relaxation but hardly a workout, plus I was trying not to laugh a good part of the time. The farmer’s market in downtown DM was pretty great too. It’s huge and had tons of cool stuff so I’ll definitely be stopping by there again this weekend. Climb Iowa is a climbing gym nearby and it’s pretty rad, I was totally feeling the fact that I’ve barely climbs in years when we went. Why is it so hard?! Planning to get back into it more and actually be able to do some fun routes. Last thing to catch up on so far this summer I think, True Blood. I’d heard tons about it and how amazing it was but I was doubtful (I can’t handle another Twilight…) but I finally started watching it and bought all 3 seasons on DVD (amazon is the best!). Now I’m totally addicted! I love love love it so much, it really is a great show. Now that I’m all caught up I’m finally watching the new season and it’s looking like it’s gonna be as good as the others (or better, there’s been lot of Eric action). Weeds started up again a few weeks ago too, another one of my favorite. Not sure how I feel about it, the first few seasons were great, but it’s kinda starting to get old and Nancy is kind of a jerk so far this season, I’m hoping they change things up a bit soon or I really don’t see this show lasting much longer…Ooh, and I just went to Warped but that’s for another post that should be much more interesting than this one that really should have been spread out over the last 6 weeks but was instead all crammed together because of my laziness


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