So Far…

I’m so terrible at this. I keep having these great ideas for blog posts but I’ve been too lazy to actually do it and my ideas are soon to get way to backed up. I’m gonna have to do like a marathon blogging session this weekend just to catch up on everything. I might even have to start planning ahead of time just to keep track of myself! I almost thought doing a blog would be kind of silly (and it still might be, just for different reasons) but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. Even if no one else thinks it’s interesting or useful I’ll still be able to use it to remember the things I’ve been doing, what’s going on, and keeping track of the random things I’ve been discovering and doing. Once again I’m going to be too lazy to do anything besides type this post, but here’s hoping I actually get to everything else soon, cause this has been a pretty interesting month.


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